About UnderBib Baby

The UnderBib is a one of a kind, patent-pending and safety tested bib that attaches directly to a baby’s clothes via magnetic tabs and lies underneath to protect their skin from drool without covering their adorable outfits. UnderBib Apparel has a bib built discreetly into the clothing so the baby can drool directly on the outfit and still stay dry underneath without the need of traditional bibs which are often mismatched and get pulled on or pulled off entirely.


The UnderBib….

Insert Underbib into your baby’s clothing with the bib buttons facing you, matching up the necklines….

Open the magnetic clasp and fold the magnet (button side) over the neckline until it connects with the magnet inside the bib portion.

How-to Bib









UnderBib Apparel

UnderBib Apparel comes with a bib, or waterproof shelf, built right into the clothing so there are no extra pieces to attach. It consists of 100% waterproof nylon in between the outer layer of clothing and a soft liner of 60% cotton/40% polyester interlock knit which rests against the skin. The nylon is attached at the neck and at the bottom of the liner and the liner is attached at the top and sides so it always lies flat. The nylon is not attached at the sides so the clothing maintains it’s stretch.

Inside out view of onesie with built in bib for drool