About Us

I came up with the idea for UnderBib Baby when my daughter, Ella, was 3 months old. She started teething…and then drooling. I was always trying to find ways to keep Ella dry without using standard bibs. Ella would pull on them, choking herself and when she got older, would pull it off the second it was put on. I also had adorable outfits that I never wanted covered up with a bib. First, I took to the web to try to find something to buy to solve this problem and was shocked to find there was nothing out there. I started making my own bibs that attached to her clothing and was worn underneath. I never cared that Ella’s clothes were wet, I just didn’t want her skin wet. From the UnderBib, came the idea for clothing with bibs built right in. Next came little lew’s Petite Oiseau Blankets made with Modal for extra water absorbency. I was able to try these out on Ella, and then my sons, William, Luke, and now Preston. I hope these items help you as much as they helped me.

2015 April 018