Moderation Mom
If there is one thing I strive for in my life, it’s balance.  And if there’s one principle I live by, it’s moderation. It seems everywhere I turn these days, I hear about another extreme in life and in parenting. The people living their lives doing things in moderation fly […]

Moderation Mom

Playing Uno...breastfeeding
A few months ago, there were celebrities posting breastfeeding pictures. As a fourth time breastfeeder myself, I appreciate every situation in which someone breastfeeds and thought the pictures were beautiful. It made me think about all the different situations I breastfeed in. With my first baby, Ella, I would sit […]

Breastfeeding and Multitasking

Remembering to Parent
I read a funny quote one day that compared being the parent of a toddler to a 24 hour suicide watch. I laughed out loud because of the truth in that statement. There is something magnificent about 18 months old. They know so much and absorb everything. They want to […]

Remembering To Parent

The Importance of Having Great Friend
One of the most important relationships I have as an adult is my relationships with my girlfriends. The importance we put on friendships really transcends all ages. When we are little we are always looking for a playmate. As we get older those relationships are constantly evolving. We gain friends […]

The Importance of Girlfriends

Your child is their own person
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our kids are their own individual person. They are our child, our baby, we created them so therefore they are ours. While this may be true, they are also their own. My daughter, who is 6 1/2 years old, is dramatic. She is a […]

Your Child is an Individual